Thrilled to see this terra cotta inspired wedding editorial on Grey Likes Wedding today! The romantic and Tuscan details of this private estate located in the heart of Sonoma County provided all the inspiration I needed for this design. Upon entering the grounds, one beholds a beautifully stoned driveway, terra cotta facade and beautiful blooming vines. I was especially taken by the effect of the evening light which inspired the romantic color palette of muted purples, barely there pinks and ashy coral. Incorporating terra cotta elements was a natural addition as we find it throughout the property. We started to see this material in 2016, and I predict it will be a big trend over the next couple years, not only in material but as color inspiration as well. All these elements were expertly curated by the amazing team of vendors who brought them to life. I’ve included some of my favorite images captured by Lynette Boyle Photography below, but be sure to head to Grey Likes for the full feature and more details!

Photographer: Lynette Boyle Photography | Planner + Designer: Kaella Lynn Events | Florist: Amanda Vidmar Designs | Calligraphy: Brown Fox Calligraphy | Tabletop rentals: Frances Lane | Linens: La Tavola Fine Linen | Chairs: Encore Event Rentals | Votives: Glassy Baby | Hair and Makeup: Treja of Skyla Art Beauty | Dress Designer: Alexandra Grecco | Dress + Accessories from Lovely Bride SF | Model: Scout Model Agency


Love and Coffee Film Photography in The Mission District of San Francisco Batch 1

If there’s a perfect setting for a film session and coffee with a couple in love, it just might be in the Mission district. The old world charm of the neighborhood mixed with the groovy coffee shops and stores is the perfect backdrop for a lazy Sunday morning photography session. I love to start out the Love and Coffee sessions at couple’s homes, where they feel..well…at home! I love capturing them in the micro moments of their lives together because I know they will look back years later and be transported to the feelings of making a first home together. This amazing couple are not only best friends, but also incredibly strong acrobats who find passion in all they do. It was so much fun to get to know them!

One of the absolute best parts of my job as a film photographer is showing the images to the couple after they’ve been processed. There’s just enough of a wait with film photography to build some anticipation and excitement! It made my day to hear what the couple thought of their Love and Coffee session:

I love these photos because they don’t feel posed. They don’t feel fake and forced. I see myself and my best friend in them. I see the smile I fell in love with and I see myself smiling in a way I never do for photos. I love that there in OUR space, and they feel like snapshots into our real lives, not like a staged shoot. There is also a soft, romantic feel with the film and your shots under the ladder, off the mirror, felt like they were taken by surprise, almost like I didn’t know I was being photographed. Thank you Steven!

Be still my film photography heart…I love creating art with my clients!


Watching awards shows are fun for me.  I like seeing the fashion and dress designs and picking up ideas for weddings and events (lots of gold!).  It’s also interesting to see who and what wins (Yay Emma Stone! I love her.).

But, something happened at this year’s Oscars that was both surprising and a big mistake.  The best picture award (which is the last award they give) was mistakenly given to La La Land when it was actually Moonlightthat won.  Wowza.

That is a BIG TIME mistake.  Or as Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman would say…

Pretty woman iconic quote

(Photo credit: Everett Collection)

Can you imagine?  Not only are you televising this live, but you got a whole group of people super excited about an honor they thought they won…only to then take it away.

But, I’m not here to just recap what happened at the 2017 Oscars.  There is a really important lesson to be learned here.   And that is…

Mistakes happen.

Even with a big production like the Oscars where they have a ton of money and a boatload of assistants.  Mistakes happen and things can go wrong.

So, what does this mean for you?

Well, if you’re in the midst of planning your wedding, you need to understand that things can (and will) go wrong.  You may encounter a problem while you’re planning or one during the wedding day.  The wrong song could be played or you could misread your venue contract.  Or you could mistakenly think the rental company will be setting up your chairs when they’re actually not.

And this doesn’t just apply to your wedding.  It applies to your life.  Think about the project at work, the volunteer event you’re helping with or the house you’re looking to buy.  Things go wrong in all areas of life.  Even with simple things like going grocery shopping.

But, here’s what you can do:  Plan ahead to prevent the mistakes you can prevent.  And the ones you can’t, you need to fix as best you can and move forward.

Life isn’t always the kindest and is definitely not perfect.  And weddings are no different.

But, accepting that things can (and will) go wrong is the first step.

The second step is to prevent as many of those mishaps and mistakes as possible.

So, how do you do that?  Learn from the pros.

Learn from experts, from those who have experience.  These are people who’ve seen countless mistakes (and made a bunch as well) and learned from them.  From the experts, you’ll gain the knowledge of what to do, what not to do and how to plan in the best way possible so you can avoid as many disasters as possible.

And remember this applies not only to your wedding, but to your work, school, and life in general.  Learn from those with experience and then think through and plan ahead for what you can.  But, if something does go wrong…

Then the third step is to fix the problem as best you can and then move on.  It’s important you do both of these.  Because you don’t just want to fix it, you also need to let it go.  Don’t linger on it.  Especially if this is your wedding day.  Because you want to have a happy experience, not worrying about the mistake all night.

So, have a plan (and a person) in place to handle any mistakes or problems and if/when it happens don’t let it bring you down.  While I’m sure the Oscar folks will be looking into what happened to learn for the future, it’s also over.

You can’t change it once a mistake has happened.  All you can do is fix what you can and then move forward (like the classy La La Land producers).

The big mistake at the 2017 Oscars

(Photo credit: ABC)

Ready to take this lesson one step further?  Yes, please!

I’m holding a FREE 5-day live wedding planning party in March all around the biggest wedding mistakes and what you can do to prevent them.  I’ll be sharing the biggest mistakes I’ve both seen and personally encountered.  Along with the crucial tips and information you need so you can avoid these mistakes in your wedding.

To make sure you’re notified about all the wedding planning party details, sign up here.  You won’t want to miss it!


During the rush of the Holidays, we missed telling you about some studio news!

Cinematt Films was voted “Best of Borrowed & Blue” for 2016 in the Cinematographer category! We’re so honored to be selected with Thomas Hughes and Lovespun as the top filmmakers.


Q: I’m planning on proposing to my girlfriend soon and while I want it to be a surprise, I don’t know what to do about the ring.  She’s particular and has her own style and I want her to love her engagement ring.  So, I feel like we should pick the ring out together.  But, do we do that before or after the proposal?

Oh this is such a great question!  Thank you for asking!  First off, I’m so happy that you’re thinking about your girlfriend.  Proposing is such a meaningful moment and I’m glad you’re keeping her in mind too.

Many couples are picking the engagement ring together nowadays which is great because it ensures you’re both happy.  It also allows you to create something custom or find something vintage or just pick the right setting.  You’re spending a lot of money and you want this ring to be something she wants to wear every day.  And she also wants this ring to be something she wants to wear every day.

But, I agree that the surprise factor is huge.  I think that is a big part of the proposal, her not knowing.  So, picking out the ring together before you get engaged can be anti-climactic.  She knows it’s coming, it’s not a surprise when you show her the ring, etc…

So, here’s how you can keep the surprise factor, but also ensure you both like the engagement ring.  You can propose with no ring, or a loaner ring (from the store), or you pick out a ring that can be returned.  And then after the proposal, you can go together to pick out a ring.

Whether you propose with or without a ring, she’ll be surprised.  You can plan to go ring shopping together afterward.  Or if you pick out a ring she loves, you’re golden!  And if not, you’re covered for that too.  You get to create that surprise moment and also not have to worry about the ring.  Win-win!

Now if you want the right ring from the beginning or she doesn’t need the full surprise, then picking out the engagement ring beforehand is totally fine!  You can still make the proposal itself a surprise even though she knows it’s coming.  But if you want the entire thing to be a surprise, then go with my previous advice.  It really gives you the best of both worlds without feeling like you need to compromise.

Wedding rings on sea urchins at a Hawaii destination wedding by Destination wedding planner, Mango Muse Events

(Photo credit: What a Day! Photography)

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We are so excited to announce our 2017 Boudoir Marathon!

There is nothing better than celebrating you! It’s what Boudoir by Olin is all about! Glamour, beauty, self love. A Boudoir session with us is so much more than you can imagine! If you have been thinking of a boudoir session, now is the time. Not only is this the perfect unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone, it is also the perfect way to indulge yourself! These boudoir portraits are fun, flirty and expose the beautiful soul that lies underneath. Work with me and the best make up artist and feel your best!

top 10 boudoir sacramento

With out further ado the details and dates of our Boudoir Portrait Marathon! We have four dates this year, two in Sacramento and two in San Francisco, for your convenience.

February 4th and 5th in our beautiful Sacramento Studio!

What is so awesome about this Boudoir Portrait Marathon is that we have two options for the packages you can purchase!  What amazing choice!

 The Mini – $200

  • includes a 20 minute session
  • private studio space
  • 1 outfit
  • 4 digital images

The Lux – $400

  • includes a 30 minute session
  • private studio space
  • light professional hair and makeup
  • 2 outfits
  • 8 digital images

Add on’s:

  • professional makeup and hair for $130
  • additional outfit/15 minutes for $50

There are so many great things about this Boudoir Marathon! First of all, enhanced and retouched digital images are included in the package! You can book back to back with your friends, to have a fun girls day out!

Also, if you book by the 18th will receive 5 additional digital images!

top 10 boudoir sacramento

We should give you a fair warning. Side effects of boudoir portraits with us include a boost of confidence, sassiness and an overwhelming feeling like you are a queen! For more information or to book a session with us contact us at donna@milouandolin.com! Hope to see you soon!


p.s. If you are worried about what to wear to a shoot, fret not! There are so many great options of different things to wear and we even put together a lovely inspirational blog post of things you can wear if you choose to book a boudoir with us!



Pick up the latest issue of @c.magazine to see the announcement for our new West Hollywood location! | #kjpress



One of my favorite bouquets from last year. Excited for the 2017 wedding season. Design & planning @simonelennonevents | Flowers @maxgilldesign



Q:  I have a friend who is going to be my ceremony officiant.  I’m really excited about him marrying us, but I’m not sure how this works.  Is he going to put the ceremony together?  Or are we supposed to?

Great question!  Having a “friendor” as we call it in the biz can be a great option.  It can save you money and make your wedding much more personal.  But, it can also be tricky especially if you aren’t on the same page.

For most couples who have a ceremony officiant friendor, the creation process will be collaborative.  There will be items you’ll need to take care of and some items your friendor will take care of.  What you need to figure out is who will handle what.

But, before you do anything, figure out what you want first in your ceremony.  This doesn’t have to be set in stone right now.  But, you want an idea of what you’re generally looking for.  You’ll want to think about both the overall vibe and feel of the ceremony and what you want to include.

Then you want to have a sit down with your ceremony officiant and have a chat.  Let this be an open discussion and find out what they feel comfortable working on and writing and what they don’t.  From there you can divvy up the items.  For example, they may be fine working on the intro, welcome, initial thoughts and the ending.  But, they want you to pick out the vows, ring exchange, and other wording.  Or perhaps they want you to write it in full and they’ll just add some personal notes to the beginning and end.  Or maybe they’ll write the whole thing and just send it to you to tweak and review.

Once you’ve figured out what you’re both comfortable with, then you need to set up some deadlines.  Pick a date in the future to have a first draft done.  Then pick a date on when you’ll touch base next about it.  Put it on your schedule and then do your part.  Start working on your wording and make sure to meet your deadlines.

Think of it as working on a project with your friend.  You want to treat them still as a friend, but it’s important that you both meet your ends of the agreement.  If your officiant friendor needs something from you, make sure you give it to them.  If you need something from them, make sure to ask.  And help each other!  It will only make it easier for everyone.

Bride and groom in their Vancouver wedding ceremony officiated by a friendor and planned by Destination wedding planner, Mango Muse Events

(Photo credit: Tomasz Wagner Photo & Films)

Are you planning your wedding and feeling overwhelmed?  You’re not quite sure what you should be doing or if what you’re doing is right?  Does this sound familiar?  We understand and we want to help make wedding planning easier and happier.

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December 18, 2016

Lately I’ve been trying my hand at film, which has been an absolutely amazing adventure! I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to shoot N+T at the beautiful Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery. I loved strolling in the vineyard with these two, the lighting was just perfect.  I also adored their first dance under the beautifully dramatic chandelier!!