Engagement Session + Family


We’re pretty lucky that we get to meet such amazing individuals and capture them in their best light. Melissa and Kevin are a no exception! A smiley pair, with huge hearts and never ending laughter. It’s a treat me you work with clients who radiate their own joy. Their positive energy made for real smiles and raw joy.

This engagement session, had a special twist. Both of their children were able to join in for a family session! Kid’s are such a huge part of their lives, why leave them out?

Oh look, who showed up! The whole gang! Including Mr. Yahoo! We’ll say it once, we’ll say it a thousand times…we love dogs! We encourage K-9’s to join in, they are part of the family after all!

I mean look at those faces. You can’t fake those authentic smiles!

I’m going to guess Melissa has a pretty good scarf collection. Anyone want to take a bet on that one? This lime and grey color really help create a cohesive scene with the diverse backdrops.

This one where she is guiding him, kind of makes my heart melt! A relationship is a dance between leading and following.

These two cats are pretty cool. I mean, anyone who can bring they A game silly faces is a winner in my book! Thank you for spending the afternoon with me!

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Photography by: Caroline

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