Finding the Photographer That Just Gets You



[Arnau Dubois Photography]

It’s no secret that finding your perfect wedding photographer is SO important, and, oftentimes, SO tricky. Today we’re sharing some key tips and examples of shots, styles and poses that may or may not scream YOU. So the next time you’re at a consultation, you’ll have a much better answer to the “so what are you looking for?” question.

1. Pay attention to the style and feel of different photographers’ work. For example, would you prefer light and romantic or photo-journalistic? Or maybe you prefer lots of black & white or pops of bright colors instead. Once you two pinpoint your style, the hunt for a photographer will become so much easier!

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[Melanie Duerkopp Photography]

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[Gavin Farrington Photography]

2. Ask questions in your consult about whether the photographer will help give you poses or if they shoot more naturally, leaving the posing up to you. Which one are you more comfortable with?

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[Vero Suh]

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[Arnau Dubois]


[Vivian Sachs]

3. Since you’ll be sharing this big day with them and trusting them with your special moments, you’ll want to feel comfortable with them – that’s important too! So listen to your senses when you’re chatting in your consultations. Feeling comfortable with them as a person will help you relax and make your “poses” feel the most natural on camera.

4. Think about your venue. If you’re having an outdoor venue, make sure the outdoors are highly represented in their portfolio. Same goes for indoor venues with tricky lighting. And if your party is going well into the night, and you know there will be lots of capture after hours, then check out how well they do with lighting at night or with low lights inside.

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[Milou + Olin]


[Gavin Farrington Photography]

But most of all – have fun! You’ll get to do all of this planning once, so enjoy those consultations. 🙂

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