Heather + Steve: Midtown Sacramento Wedding


There are so many new hotspots in the ever-growing midtown of Sacramento. The hometown of our production studio, we’re always on the hunt for fun locations and foodie hangouts – and we’re rarely disappointed. Which was why Heather and Steve’s location at Mulvaney’s B+L, an amazing event space and delicious restaurant, was so much fun to shoot! Just a few city blocks from our studio, we took this fun couple to a couple of our carefully curated haunts, like the amazing Devine Gelateria , and the gorgeous Capitol Park.

Look through the entire day to see all the fun we had with Heather + Steve!

modern wedding groom details

You can get a hint of the prettiness at Mulvaney’s B+L from all the gorgeous flowers they let take over the courtyard venue! Steve’s bow tie and cuff links are classic staples for any dapper groom.

groom getting ready
groom tying bow tie

We’re impressed! Steve masters his bowtie like a pro.

groom tying shoes
bride getting ready

Moms and daughters always capture our attention on the wedding day. The sweet moments before a bride gets swept up in the day are our favorite.

bride with wedding dress

Heather’s beautiful lace strapless dress is a modern take on a traditional look.

bride getting hair done

We’re not sure how much hairspray is used on a wedding day, but between an entire bridal party we’re amazed everyone doesn’t get loopy from the fumes!

giggling bridesmaids in pink

Giggling bridesmaids break all the tension of the wedding day! That’s why we keep them close right?

romantic bride and groom

Heather and Steve pose in front of the Sacramento capitol, shaded under one of hundreds of trees in the park. They don’t call it the city of trees for nothing!

northern california wedding photography
gelato shop wedding photos
americana wedding

At Devine Gelateria, Heather and Steve indulge themselves before saying I Do – can you think of a better way to get ready for vows?

bride and groom with gelato
bride and groom modern wedding
urban wedding photos

The city backdrop of midtown Sacramento isn’t full of high rises, but small brick buildings and little shops. And of course more trees!

silly cake cutting photos

Heather is serious about her cake! This is one of our favorite wedding shots! The flower girl just can’t wait to get a slice for herself.

bride smashing cake in grooms face

Steve gets creamed with cake! This bride isn’t letting her chance at a wedding food fight go to waste!

reception dancing
wedding party reception dancing

Dancing and fancy footwork round out this party, and everyone gets in on the fun!

bride and groom relaxing

With so many photo-ops and food adventures, these two are due for some R&R.

We had so much fun at your wedding Heather + Steve!

Much love from Milou + Olin!!

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