Megan + Stephen : Modern Romance

BY MILOU AND OLIN     Some couples just “glow” in front of the camera, and we love them for it. Megan and Stephen seem to glow all the time – their romance shines out of every shot! Not only are they fabulous to be around, but they have the most eloquent way of describing their fated romance. Read on for some seriously swoon-worthy quotes about how they met and became engaged….

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“He was walking to his office at Stanford around 10:00am, coming from a morning session at the gym. She was sitting at a small table outside of his office, concentrating on building an upcoming presentation. No one else was to be seen in this long hallway. He said hello, she reciprocated. He thought she was beautiful; she thought he was handsome. He repeatedly found reasons (excuses) to come out of his office – take out recycling, start the coffee machine in the kitchen, asking her if she would like to work at the free desk next to his…

happy couple milou + olin photography They started chatting – she had a wonderful smile and a firm handshake. He thought she was a new Masters study, he was visibly embarrassed when he learned she was a post-doc. She wanted to be exotic by talking about being Canadian. He rebutted with his Canadian citizenship and birthplace. They joked, they laughed, they lingered. She didn’t use his free desk; he didn’t immediately say yes to her invitation to coffee… but there was gravity. Each knew it. Later that day, he said “yes” to coffee. She smiled; he smiled. Coffee was had late the following week (she was traveling). One coffee and three hours of conversation that felt like a heartbeat sent them on their way…”

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How did he propose? ” In a cabana at a small resort in low season in Baja California (Mexico). August 21st, 2012. The beach was empty. They had had a wonderful time the previous 4 days – watching the sunsets over the all-but-abandoned beach that looked like the creation of earth. The night was in full effect – clear, full of stars. The beach-fire was beginning to transition to glowing embers. They spoke of their love for each other… he had the ring buried in his pants, quite visible in the daylight, but here, darkness was his ally…

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He got down on one knee in the cabana, looked at her beautiful face illuminated by the glow and asked “Will you marry me?” Without hesitation, she said “Yes.” They embraced – wildly happy and exhilarated by what had just happen, what journey they have just embarked upon.”

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What are some of your favorite places? -”[The] Farmer’s Market… -Frances Restaurant & Prospect Restaurant & Farm Restaurant & Station 1 Restaurant & Mayfield Bakery – fantastic food, wonderful, warm ambiance, cozy tables for us to be close. At the last place, where we visited often when we lived in Palo Alto, it was the sense that we are known – the personal touches, the feeling of being one of the family. And we love cocktails. -Ocean Beach – that is where we went to our first beach bonfire. That was an electric night. It was early in our relationship and we were really falling hard for each other.

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-Embarcadero – being on the path, looking at all the people, being close to the water, viewing the beautiful lights of the Bay Bridge, being close to water…   -Megan’s Parent’s Place in Calgary at Christmas – it is SO inviting and warm and there is an overall sense that everyone really enjoys being there and around each other. And there is so much food and games and overall merriment.

-Our apartment. We have created a cozy oasis that we simply enjoy and love to host others… we strive to make an inviting atmosphere… “ampersand photo prop

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sweet couple Sitting pretty – our adorable couple takes a breather on a picturesque park bench.

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portraits in gardenCan we say we love their fashion sense? According to them it’s a regular occurrence!

What’s your signature style?

“Classic contemporary. Clean lines, little fuss, pure elegance. Form fitting, bold colors where appropriate, novel patterns where appropriate. Understated. We both like to err on being a little overdressed all the time – never sloppy. No t-shirts, hoodies, jogging pants in public….” artistic shot


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cartoon sketches We stole away to the beach for some less-urban beachy portraits, where Megan and Stephen showed us their alter egos! beach photos couple on the beach lovely beach portraits running on the beachWe adored spending time with this creative, happy couple!

We can’t wait to glimpse their gorgeous wedding! xoxo- The Milou + Olin Team  

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