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BY MILOU AND OLIN Hello and Happy Monday!!

Bridal Beauty

There are so many huge decisions to get out of the way when you first start planning a wedding: the date, the venue, the budget, the theme…. once those are set, all the other details become SO much easier to pull together. The beginning of planning is all external – setting the scene, feeding the guests; essentially envisioning how your day is going to look. Now, after six months of large decisions, I’m having to turn my attention to how exactly I want to look on my wedding day.


Truth time: I own a lot of makeup. Not as much as other people, and most of it is an obsession with Stila and Urban Decay palettes. But I’ve always been a girly-girl, and as soon as I was allowed to paint myself up, I took full advantage. Now that I’m older, my look is decidedly more neutral unless I’m going out (it’s ironic that I’m sitting here with nothing but moisturizer on – one of my weekly “no-makeup days”) and I rarely wear heavy color. So for my wedding day, I was surprised that I really didn’t have an opinion on my look – in fact I was relatively stumped! I’m so thankful I found Nicole Nguyen, of Blush, to direct me!

red carpet makeupDiana always looks amazing on the red carpet – and I have the same almond-shaped eyes as her! This look is soft and full of plum and berry tones.

We spent some time chatting about my wedding theme, how I usually wear my makeup, and the types of dresses and looks I was considering. I linked her a TON of Pinterest pins – I’m surprised she didn’t run away from my indecision! blond makeupReese is kind of my style icon. She can really do no wrong – I mean look at that giant, glam ponytail! Her makeup is neutral, with just enough pale pink to make her look fresh.  We settled on something classic with a little bit of stylish flair – the wedding is Kate Spade themed after all – and lets just say there are cat eyes, creamy skin tones, just enough blush, and some seriously “wow” eyelashes! bride makeupThis look is similar to where we ended up – a pink lip with berry liner, winged eyes and contoured cheeks.  Even now that I’ve found my dream dress, the makeup that Nicole did at my trial is still the plan for the day, but we’re tweaking the hair a bit. Tip: Save your hair and makeup trial until after you’ve found your dress! wedding photography makeupWhile this isn’t the best pic of Kate, her makeup is truly fabulous. The highlighting and striking brows really make her look pop.  Everything about your dress will have an effect on your ‘do – the neckline, sleeves or lack of sleeves, the fabric – even the volume of your dress should be balanced and complemented by your hair.

Speaking of hair…. tune in next week to see which styles I’m leaning toward!! 

Have a wonderful rest of your Monday lovelies!

xoxo – Morgan Elizabeth


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