So beautiful in their simplicity.  Florals by Lidia Sadoun at La Fleuriste.


You know how people say dessert makes everything better?  While I agree with this statement throughly, I think love trumps it.  Love is so powerful, it makes everything happier.



Pretty lil naked number.
Photo: Pretty lil naked number.



A Toast!


Although New years is a couple months away, we wanted to share with you some of Suzy Clement’s bevvies photos from this past year.

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Hello from sunny LA!  We’re on the road, but had to make sure we answer all your wedding planning questions.  Can’t leave you hanging now can we?  So, let’s get started!  This week we’re talking about wedding cakes:  I think I’ve finally settled on a cake design and it’s one that has a ribbon on the bottom.  I want to be able to pick my own ribbon out (and give it to the baker) so that it matches with everything else I have going on decor wise.  Is there a certain kind of ribbon I should be buying?  Or a certain size?  Or does it not matter?

I’m more than happy to help you out, but I do want to make a little disclaimer before I answer.  I am not a cake baker, so this is not my specialty and you should definitely confer with your baker to make sure you are buying something that works with your specific cake. With that being said, most ribbon will work on your cake.  Generally brides tend to veer towards satin ribbon or a textured ribbon.  I would definitely avoid any sort of wired ribbon as that might cut into the cake. And if you are worried about the ribbon working with your frosting, usually cake bakers have little tricks to back the ribbon which makes sure the icing doesn’t seep through (like say with buttercream frosting).

Now in terms of ribbon size, that really depends on the diameter and height of your cake.  I think generally though, you want something that works proportionately with the size of your cake and whatever else you have going on design wise.  But, you really can pick kind of anything as long as it looks good to you and works with your design aesthetic.



My latest lusting is Givenchy’s Mini Pandora. I’ve been in the market for a casual, unstructured, easy to throw around, mini cross body bag that leaves me handsfree and comfortably fits a phone, camera, keys, lipstick and a compact. Quite honestly, this was not a love at first sight kind of lust but as time went on I’ve grown to love the casual edginess of this bag plus it’s perfect for traveling and work. Now the big question is, should I or shouldn’t I?


Givenchy  Mini Pandora



The world lost a talented person recently, Robin Williams.  His death is sad and as the details come out about how he died and what he struggled with, I’m at a loss.  I feel for his family and the privacy they are not getting in this hard time.  I can’t imagine what they are going through.  But, I think it’s important to remember his life and all the smiles he put on people’s faces.  He was great at his craft and one such role that sticks out to me is John Keating in Dead Poet’s Society.  His role in that film is so powerful.  He teaches that you can dream, that you should live life to the fullest, that you should be true to yourself.  Oh, captain, my captain wildstar gold.



This shoot has been a long time in the making, and some of our favorite vendors pooled their creative talents to make it happen!

There is so much to love about every element – specially handpicked by stylist Dionne Lewis – that evokes a natural, color-filled, harmonic wedding day. The icing on the styled shoot cake is the amazing “getting ready” canopy for the bride – can you imagine anything more lovely?

Click on over to Green Wedding Shoes for all the lovely images in one place. Enjoy!

Best Wedding Photography California


As soon as Yelena from The Stylish Soiree sent me over her design concept for this wedding I knew it was going to be jaw dropping amazing.  The details this wedding had were just amazing.  My favorites though include this gorgeous paper runner that Yelena made for the dessert table and the arch I made for the ceremony. Yelena gave me a general idea of what she was envisioning for the arch and she let me do my thing (which I love). She gave me the green light to be creative and I loved how it all turned out.

And this bouquet…OMG it was filled with all the flowers I love.  Peonies, garden roses, dahlias, ranunculus, succulents, artichoke, millet, billy buttons, privet berries, scabiosa pods, calla lilies…just to name a few.

And here is the arch I made with plum branches and some other foliage.
The table runner that Yelena made of The Stylish Soiree.  So beautiful!!

Photography: Em the Gem
Event Designer and Wedding Planner: The Stylish Soiree
Vintage Rentals: One True Love Vintage Rentals
Make Up and Hair: The Glamourist
Table Linens: La Tavola Linens
DJ: Spintronix
Florals: Huckleberry Karen Designs


Ready for wedding planning bliss?  Yup, it’s time for our Wedding Wednesdays Q&A and this week we’re talking about popping the question:  I’m a newly engaged bride and to get some inspiration I’ve been checking out Pinterest for ideas.  One thing I keep seeing are pictures of gifts brides are giving to their bridesmaids asking them to be a part of the wedding party.  I had no idea that I had to get a gift for my bridesmaids before the wedding.  Is this something I’m supposed to do or is it optional?

Great question!  So, first off, don’t feel bad about not knowing about this.  Asking your bridesmaids with a gift has become a bit of a fad over the last few years.  While it is cute and can be very nice, it is definitely optional.  So, don’t feel obligated to get a gift.  You can certainly ask your bridesmaids to be your bridesmaids the traditional way and I’m sure they will be thrilled.  Ok, so now that you can breathe a sigh of relief (one less thing to do!), I do want to tell you why some brides do it.

If you think about it, the role of the bridesmaid can be difficult especially if the bride is a bit needy or demanding (that’s not you, right?!).  Unfortunately, wedding planning doesn’t always bring out the best in people (hello bridezilla!), so sometimes bridesmaids have a tough job of keeping the bride happy and doing all that is required of them.  But, even if you are a mellow bride and don’t need much from your bridesmaids, they are still putting in a lot of time and money into your wedding.  And they love you, so they want to do it, but it still can be a lot.  So, giving them a gift when you ask them to be your bridesmaid is a nice way to start off what can potentially be a challenging time to come.  And keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be a large or expensive gift.  It can be a cupcake or a bottle of wine or a t-shirt or a even just a cute card.  The idea is that it’s just a little way to say thank you in advance (with something they like of course) for all that they will be doing.  And if you think about it that way, it’s a sweet thing to do.  So, the decision is totally up to you, but now you have all the info and you can go forth and pop the question to your special someones.

Do you need some help with your wedding planning?  Send us your question and we’ll be sure to help you out.