Photobooth Fun: Giggle + Riot!

BY GIGGLE AND RIOT     Do you love to giggle? Does your next event require a riot of a good time? The over-the-top antics and ridiculously tech-savvy kids who run Giggle and Riot might be perfect for your next event!

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In case you haven’t heard, Giggle and Riot is a little adventure started by our very own Caroline and her sidekick Josh to bring a little more spunk to events in the Sacramento and San Francisco areas. Because Giggle and Riot was molded by a master photographer, your shots are sure to be top-notch quality – even in a dark room! A fancy photobox comes along with the Giggle and Riot team with an easy-to-use interface that guides you through the picture-taking process without fuss. Because there’s no “booth” per say, your giant group can all squeeze into one shot; there’s more than enough room flail around/pose like a diva/get a giant picture of your face.

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Props and Backgrounds Galore!

Because Giggle and Riot is a group of movers and shakers, they’re constantly changing things up. A plethora of amazing backdrops are at your disposal, and for an extra fee (and a little time!) they can create something completely custom and fabulous that fits your theme. They can proudly boast that nobody beats their crazy backdrop collection!

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  Cupcakes, snarky sayings, masks, and hearts are just a few props in Giggle and Riot’s massive lot. They are always on the hunt for hilarious additions to your already adorable photos, and of course props are tailored to each event. japanese event sacramento

Social Media Friendly

Giggle and Riot offers both printing (think old school strip-style images) and image sharing via Facebook, email, Twitter, and now Instagram! After you’ve thoroughly enjoyed posing for photos, you can use their handy-dandy iPad to email photos to a friend (wish you were here!), tweet about how much fun you’re having #supersweetevent, and even post event pics to your business or personal Facebook page (so much marketing potential!).

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Put Some Giggle and Riot In Your Next Event!

In short, there’s no downside to infusing your next soiree with some serious fun! Your guests can walk away with digital or printed keepsakes, there will be riotous dancing and goofiness that they will talk about for years, and you can feel proud about securing your title as “the coolest” (whether that be boss, bride, event planner, or dude!) P.S. – If you’re already one of our amazing Milou + Olin clients, you’ll get a special discount! Contact us for details!! BFF launch event west elm

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