Place Cards: They’re More Important Than You Think!


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Your guests’ place cards are maybe one of the last things on your mind and checklist – but today, we’re sharing how FUN and important this part of the planning process can be!

But let’s start by talking about how important these place cards are. (No, really. Super important!) Your place cards play a huge role in keeping the reception organized. Guests will need to find their names quickly, be able to easily determine where they are sitting, and often will have their meal choice on their place card. So here’s some practical tips to keep in mind:

  1. Think about the weather when you’re figuring out how the place cards will be presented. Rain or humidity? Paper or ink could easily run or become damp in the setup process. Super hot outside? Flowers or fruit could wilt or metal objects could get way too warm in direct sunlight. And, of course, ALWAYS expect wind. Don’t plan your whole place card table design around cards that stand up straight with little support because wind will often force your planner to resort to a new design that isn’t what you imagined.
  2. Make sure your guests can find their names quickly and easily. You can get creative and encourage your guests to have fun finding their names, but don’t go overboard. Otherwise, a crowd will form at the table, guests may be late getting into the reception, or some may give up on the process altogether (and then musical chairs begins at dinnertime). Alphabetical order always helps, as well as clear writing and no clutter around the names.

Now that we have the practical stuff down, how are you supposed to indicate their meal choices for sit down dinners? Let’s take a peek at some clean and pretty inspiration to ensure everyone gets what they’re craving:


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Use colors to determine which meal the guest selected. Just make sure your caterer knows!


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And now for pure prettiness in case you just need major inspiration! Whether you’re going for classy or creative, there’s so much fun you can have with your place cards.


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